Daniel Coo actor



Height: 5’5” Weight: 180 lbs. Hair: White/Grey Eyes: Blue Bass

Demo Reel: click here

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  • Dinah Thorpe / For the Birds || supporting || Gabrielle Zilkha -director
  • Cynara || supporting || Sherien Barsoum -director
  • Hitting the Fan|| principal || Ethan Gardner-director
  • After Funk / Face in the Crowd|| supporting || Shawn Kosmerly -director

Podcasts and Voice Acting:

  • Characters|| Principal ||Erdem Tasdelen
  • The Familiar|| Principal ||Darren Marranca
  • The Program Audio Series 1 2 3 || Supporting ||Ivan Mirko S.


  • Twelfth Night|| Malvolio || Mariposa Arts Theatre
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream|| Egeus || Theatre Orangeville
  • The Road to Damascus|| Cop || Toronto Fringe Festival
  • As You Like It|| Adam/William || Bard in the Park
  • The Dutch Courtesan|| Cockledemoy || Poculi Ludique Societas
  • Sylvia||Greg||Verve Theatre Company
  • Mute: the Musical||Grandpa/Mr. Johnson||Infinity Arts Productions
  • Contagious||Old Man/Teacher||Toronto Fringe Festival
  • Much Ado About Nothing||Leontes||Theatre Aurora

(Best Supporting Actor, Comedy – Thea)

  • Ned Durango || Ned Durango || South Simcoe Theatre
  • Our Town || Mr Webb || South Simcoe Theatre
  • Joseph and the Amazing
    Technicolor Dreamcoat ||Levi/Butler || Kempenfelt Players
  • The Sound of Music || Max Detweiler || South Simcoe Theatre
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream || Bottom || Theatre Aurora
  • Nightwatch || Appleby || Newmarket Theatre
  • All’s Well that Ends Well || Lavatch || Glenmorris Theatre
  • Art of Dining || David Osslow || Scarborough Theatre, UTSC
  • Box and Cox || Cox || Cullen Gardens
  • Enter Laughing || Don Darwin/Marvin || Leah Poslun’s Theatre
  • Sleuth || Milo Tindle || Victoria by the Sea, PEI

Staged Readings at South Simcoe Theatre:

Tea and Strumpets; The Old Pros; Shylock, or the Christian of Venice; In Praise of Zombie Workers; The Retirement Plan; War of the Unknown Warriors; On the Dangers of Tobacco; The Lover

Voice Demo’s


B.A. Drama Specialist University of Toronto: Michal Schonberg, Leigha Lee Browne
Voice: Colin Bernhardt
Movement: Jill Courtney
Canadian Firearms & Restricted Firearms Safety: Kostas Kapothanasis
PAL/Stage & Screen Firearm Safety: Daniel Levinson
Secondary School teacher for over 30 years (B.Ed., M.Ed.)

Special Skills:
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Driver’s License, Passport, PAL